Monday, December 14, 2009

Felt Balls and Felt Ball Kits

Last weekend, we went to the Winter Fair at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, where Oskar was very attracted to the felt balls in the playroom. And they were gorgeous!

So I bought a kit to make my own on Etsy!

The image above is from Crunchy Parent. It has directions and even videos on how to make your own felt balls.

Another kit you can get from a funny Etsy seller whose wares all come from her sheep Moses.
Here is the info on her profile:

 "Hello from Pennsylvania,

You probably have seen the photo of Moses my sheep. Moses is my bottle raised sheep that supplies me with wool to spin and felt.

I am a full-time caregiver. Moses came to me while I was working on a farm that provided a handicap accessible farming experience to children and adults with disabilities.

Moses mother had triplets and was not able to take care of Moses. She pushed him aside. Maybe she felt overwelmed with three or maybe she just knew that allowing us to take care of Moses would provide a very rewarding fun experience to many.

Moses quickly adapted to receiving his meals from a bottle given by many different "surrogate moms".

Moses "lambhood" was very active. He provided many people with disabilities a very fun chance to "turn things around" they enjoyed becoming the caregivers to Moses.

Moses attended the UCP Adult day programs, (wearing an inside diaper of course) childrens programs, as well as church events.

Now that he is grown he provides us with his wool. Moses is now fully grown. He is 5 years old."

Doesn't it feel difficult to not suppport Moses?! 

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