Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Month of Pregnancy: Conception

To enter the gate of inexhaustibility
And to roam in the fields of infinity.
I shall mingle my light with that of the sun and moon,
And will become eternal with heaven and earth.

Chuang Tzu, translated by Mair.

About one year ago, Oskar was conceived, when the Yin and Yang of Dan and me met within my womb.

"In the midst of the darkness there is a point of divine living potential which comes forth from the Dao, merging from out of the infinite space of the Wuji (primordial universe)."

During the first month of pregnancy, the mother cares for the embryo, nurturing the first spark of life. Her spirit enters through the umbilical cord to foster the development of the embryo's spirit, heritage, and physical form.

Expectant mothers would do well to nourish their spirits during the first month.

(From: Sui Dynasty Imperial Physician Chao Yuan Fang as written in Energetic Anatomy and Physiology (Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Volume 1) by Jerry Alan Johnson)

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