Monday, September 28, 2009

My Favorite Nursing Bra

My friend Emily turned me on to the Belabumbum lotus lace seamless nursing bra, my favorite! My other nursing bras from Medela are like maximum security prisons, they keep everything in but leave a lot to be desired in comfort and style. This one is so comfortable and beautiful, a hard to find combination in nursing bras.

Capucine, where Emily took me, is the best new mom boutique I have ever been in! From their website:

"As a woman, you're conditioned to feel as if you must choose between sexiness and maternity. Well, the time has come to let go of this old attitude about motherhood and experience the magic of looking like a Goddess at Capucine boutique. We will keep you in top fashion form with beautiful, original clothing pieces gathered from all around the world."


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